World Water Day: Raising Awareness on Water

World Water Day: Raising Awareness on Water

March 22nd is World Water Day; a day to raise awareness on the use and impact of water, or a shortage of water. While people in many western countries can use water anyplace and any time, this is not the case for most developing nations as millions of people don’t have access to safe drinking water.

This year’s theme of World Water Day is ‘Water and Sustainable Development’. Water is one of the main sectors we focus on in sourcing and supporting entrepreneurs in emerging markets. AquaRed and Nazava Water Filters are two businesses in water that that have been able to grow with our support.

AquaRed is a social enterprise linked to the International Red Cross that provides healthy drinking water distribution. They started in Ghana and are currently developing programs in other African countries. Through their projects, they create “a solid infrastructure and distribution network to bring the water to the people who most need it, empowering local opportunities and demonstrating that a sustainable and scalable operation can be created to start solving one of world’s most dire challenges.”

Nazava Water Filters provides clean drinking water through selling water purifiers for households in Indonesia and beyond. In November 2010, the company was one of three winners of the Dutch based and BiD Network co-sponsored business plan competition “Ondernemers zonder Grenzen” (Entrepreneurs without Borders). With the obtained USD 86,000 in investment funds from partners Droomzaken and de Investeerdersclub, Nazava planned to expand the sales and marketing throughout Indonesia.

Are you or do you know an entrepreneur wanting to start or expand a business in water in an emerging market? Apply for one of our current programs here.


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