Women in Business 2013: 16 women looking to grow their business in emerging markets

Women in Business 2013: 16 women looking to grow their business in emerging markets

BiD Network, in collaboration with ING, ICCO and United Success, are delighted to announce the 16 semi-finalists of Women in Business Challenge 2013.

In the fourth edition of the business plan competition that empowers women entrepreneurs to drive growth, the competition has been fierce, with a record number of 752 applications from 115 countries.

While many people talk about the necessity for gender equality and the opportunity to improve societal attitudes to women in emerging markets, the competitors of the Women in Business Challenge are actually doing something about it. Congratulations to all participants and thanks to our partners for helping us raise awareness.

The following 16 plans have been pre-selected to undergo assessment by a jury – consisting of representatives from INGICCOFMO and the d.o.b Foundation – who will have the difficult task of choosing just five finalists to participate in the Women in Business Week, in the Netherlands, this September. Stay tuned!

Not one of the semi-finalists? There are no losers in this competition, we encourage all participants to continue working on their plans, receive advice on their business proposal and benefit from BiD Network’s Investor Matchmaking services.

The 16 semi-finalists

Afro Tech Shibe Products

Sector: Food Production
Finance needed: $50,000 (Spread over 3 years)
Country: Tanzania
Entrepreneur: Leah Moshi

Afro Tech Shibe Products produces natural and nutritious food products. Products include; a nutritious porridge flour, mango pickle and peanut butter. Afro Tech Shibe Products envisions to be a leader in Food Processing in Tanzania, servicing one of the 45 million people who live there.

Fábrica Social

Sector: Clothing & Accessories
Finance needed: $13,200 (Spread over 3 years)
Country: Mexico
Entrepreneur: Dulce Martínez

A social enterprise that produces fair trade contemporary clothing and accessories designed and handmade by 130 indigenous women in Mexico. Through workshops Fábrica teach the artisans to create high quality and unique designs, and supplies the products to a national and international fashion market that recognizes its value and ensures there sale improves the lives of the artisans and their families.


Sector: Manufacturing
Finance needed: $50,000 – $100,000
Country: Argentina
Entrepreneur: Marcela Cristina Lozano Villafañe

GUAYRURO is a young business that manufactures and designs; rugs, blankets, pillows loom, etc.that are produced by native communities at risk in Argentina. Aiming to bring households a blend of native textile art with everyday products, GUAYRURO is a social responsibile enterprise producing fair trade goods.


Sector: Transportation
Finance needed: $100,000 (Spread over 3 years)
Country: Mozambique
Entrepreneur: Lauren Thomas

Mozambikes, Limitada is a social venture based in Mozambique with an innovative model to make bicycles more affordable to rural people who can change their lives with this tool for development. Mozambikes brands bicycles with the colors and logos of companies and organizations, leveraging the public and private sectors to get more bicycles into the market. Mozambikes has sold over 1,000 bicycles in Mozambique and is documenting the impact of the bicycles on recipients, and estimates a need in the country for over 1 million bikes.

Coffee for Peace, Inc.

Sector: Coffee Production
Finance needed: $100,000 – $200,000
Country: Philippines
Entrepreneur: Felicitas Pantoja

After noting the power of coffee to resolve conflict and diffuse tensions in the Philippines, two entrepreneurs decided to create a social enterprise that would not only support peace building, but would also raise the living standard of indigenous people and help preserve the environment. Coffee for Peace buys coffee beans from indigenous people at fair-trade prices and donates 25% of its net profits to Peacebuilders Community, an NGO that promotes peace and reconciliation in conflict affected communities.

Wish Bilingual School

Sector: Education
Finance needed: $1,000,000 – $2,000,000
Country: Brazil
Entrepreneur: Andressa Lutiano

Providing students in Brazil with an education that aims to develop in students, not only traditional knowledge, but also autonomy and the willingness to learn contniuously.

Choice Dental Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

Sector: Healthcare
Finance needed: $200,000 – $500,000
Country: India
Entrepreneur: Dr. Sanjeevani Nene

The pioneering dentist Dr. Sanjeevani Nene started Choice Dental Clinic 25 years ago. Already boasting state of the art operatory machinery and the latest dental treatments Dr. Nene now wishes to mobilize their operations and service the rural community.

GP Network System

Sector: Electronic Machinery
Finance needed: $10,000 – $50,000
Country: Mexico
Entrepreneur: Elisa Meza Gálvez

GP Network Systems offer real-time location tracking, where you know the position of any person or object at any time. Simply access a Web Page or set up our SMS alerts.


Sector: Educative Products
Finance needed: $200,000 – $500,000
Country: Mexico
Entrepreneur: Jazmín Chi

LevGrow is a new concept of children’s educative products. Giving children a whole new way to learn while transforming education through: Books, Apps, Videos, E- books, Toys, Games, Furniture and Clothes.

Children start their development learning about the world, but they cannot complete it without the right tools. That is why, LevGrow started.


Sector: Agro-processing
Finance needed: $80,000 (Spread over 2 years)
Country: Nigeria
Entrepreneur: Affiong Williams

The Company’s flagship product is delicious, healthy dried fruit, containing all the flavour and health benefits of fresh fruits, but preserved and packaged in a convenient manner that enables consumers to make fruit a regular staple in their diets. The product is a healthy alternative to the growing number of unhealthy food options available to the Nigerian consumer. Reelfruit is currently available in variants of mango and pineapple and sold in over 10 locations in Lagos, Nigeria.


Sector: Healthcare
Finance needed: $100,000 – $200,000
Country: Mexico
Entrepreneur: Dr Nora Licéaga

IAD-Soft/TIP is an enterprise that developed Software with an interdisciplinary and integral structure to chronic disease treatment – starting with diabetes. Designing user-friendly programs as well as support for medical staff, the software saves all information and cross-checks them, creates graphics, prints reports and provides alerts and criteria to treatment aligned with international rules.


Sector: Construction
Finance needed: $100,000 – $200,000
Country: Jordan
Entrepreneur: Nermin Saad

Handasiyat.net promotes opportunities for female engineers in the MENA region by consolidating non-core engineering services in a remote platform.

MODA Workshop

Sector: Clothing & Accessories
Finance needed: $10,000 – $50,000
Country: Cambodia
Entrepreneur: Sandra`Amico

Transforming small unit, high-quality production into a specialized tailoring service for men’s working dress shirts, a so-called dress shirt buffet of mix and match! An innovative idea, with innovative product and an innovative service produced by talented women!


Sector: Miscellaneous Apparel & Accessory Stores
Finance needed: $500,000 – $1,000,000
Country: Peru
Entrepreneur: Sully Siucho Diaz

TuCloset.com is an online community platform and marketplace that is changing the way we discover and buy fashion apparel products. It is an online meeting point between fashion demand and supply. Independent designers, brands and small producers can showcase their fashion clothing collections in a unique online space.

Medea Group Limited

Sector: Agriculture
Finance needed: $500,000 – $1,000,000
Country: Kenya
Entrepreneur: Rachel Zedeck

The Backpack Farm Agriculture Program (BPF) is an internationally recognized social enterprise empowering smallholder farmers to standardize both the quality and quantity of agriculture production during an annual growing season, to mirror semi-commercial rates of production.


Sector: Healthcare
Finance needed: $100,000 – $200,000
Country: Uganda
Entrepreneur: Sanne Bolkenstein

AFRIpads’ mission is to be the leading supplier of cloth sanitary pads in East Africa, with a particular focus on curbing the high rates of menstruation-related absenteeism among schoolgirls. The company takes a triple-bottom line perspective to business measured by financial gain, social impact, and environmental responsibility.

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