Success Story: Biosima, an ecological solution for fish farming

Success Story: Biosima, an ecological solution for fish farming

Given the population growth and depletion of natural sources of fish and crustaceans, aquatic food production in captivity, or also called aquaculture, is emerging as a potential alternative to provide quality food to humanity. It is, therefore, the fastest growing sector in the food industry. The main difficulty and higher costs (approx. 50% of total) of this activity is related to the provision of food for fattening. Biosima offers an ecological solution through the cultivation of Artemia eggs.

About Biosima

Biosima is a biotechnology company specialized in the cultivation of Artemia Salina Persimilis. Artemia is the most suitable live food for feeding fish and shellfish, both in freshwater and saltwater, and is irreplaceable in certain stages of shrimp and lobster farming.
The company has been developing a unique process for the production of Artemia Cysts in a controlled, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Their production system allows them to provide high quality eggs consistently, without seasonal variation in quantity or quality.
Through an intensive ecological and organic production of Artemia eggs, Biosima aims at supplying the much needed nutrients to international shrimp farmers. This market is growing and is currently without enough suppliers. Their vision is to deliver in the first five years of operation, 4.3% of the total market, equivalent to 150 tons per year.

Latest Developments

Ms. Cintia Carla Hernandez and Mr. Sebastian Calvo, the entrepreneurs, have been working on this project since 2007. They participated in several competitions and programs that helped them with the necessary tools, resources and knowledge to start with the testing and pilot phase.
With the seed capital provided by their two angel investors, Ms. Cintia, the Production Manager, has been focusing on the testing phase and commercial production. Soon she will be controlling the production process. Mr. Sebastian Calvo, General Manager, has been supervising the operation of the pilot plant.
Currently, they are working on the establishment of the new fully equipped laboratory and the construction of their first pilot industrial plant.
BiD Challenge Argentina

Biosima was one of the winners of the BiD Challenge Argentina 2009 under the category “Most innovative company with highest growth potential”. Mr. Sebastian explains: “the participation in the BiD Challenge allowed us to strengthen our business plan, enlarge our networks and know about the subsidy we were recently awarded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation”. The subsidy, although not covering their whole financial need, will support them in the preparations for becoming a fully commercial company.

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