Press Release – Growing SMEs: Small and Medium Enterprises lead to sustainable economic growth

Press Release – Growing SMEs: Small and Medium Enterprises lead to sustainable economic growth



Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the future in leading emerging markets to sustainable growth. By creating jobs and income, they are crucial to the economic and social development of these countries. On 15 November, over 400 entrepreneurs, investors and SME practitioners from all over the world will gather during the Growing SMEs conference, an event organized by BiD Network and MVO Nederland to stimulate the development, growth and finance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets.

After two regional events in Latin America and East Africa, the 8th edition of the Growing SMEs is coming back to the Netherlands. On 15 November, the World Forum in The Hague will open its doors to host the international conference for SME practitioners. The objective of the 8th edition is to explore the latest trends in developing, growing and financing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets with sustainable business models.

“ The networks and information gained during the conference have provided answers to many of the challenges we have in our endeavor to support businesses” – Supporting partner during the Growing SMEs, Kigali Rwanda

The Growing SMEs conference is the international setting for both entrepreneurs starting or growing a business in emerging markets and investors seeking for high potential business plans and committed entrepreneurs. Together with experts on different fields, networkers and business centers, they gather to connect, exchange and ultimately invest. The day will start with breakout sessions on leading topics, such as intercultural negotiation and investments, sustainable business models, managing finances and risks. The Marketplace provides the right setting for the 400+ participants to CONNECT with local and international networks of entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders, EXCHANGE expertise, best practices and lessons learned, and accelerate INVESTment in high-growth SMEs.

“The highlight of the Growing SMEs event in Rwanda was to meet investors who took time not only to share their expertise but also to advise young entrepreneurs and take that risk to potentially invest in us.” – Entrepreneur participating in the Marketplace during the Growing SMEs in Kigali, Rwanda

The Growing SMEs conference is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

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