PITCH PERFECT: Getting 11 of our Entrepreneurs closer to an Investment Deal

21st November 2018. The BiD Network team had been preparing for months for this event. Each of us was nervous, and as we rehearsed our scripts that morning, a sense of achievement befell all of us. 11:34am, the last one of us stepped into the car and off we went to the Dutch Ambassador Henk Jan Bakker’s residence.

The deal making event this year was the most important for us as an organisation because ‘connecting entrepreneurs with investors is why we exist’ as our CEO Gert Van Veldhuisen continuously reminded us, to keep our vision in check. This year we saw a change in how the event was previously done, it was planned to be bigger and better to ensure that we provided a unique platform for 11 of our portfolio entrepreneurs to tap into our regional private, angel and institutional investor network.

The event was held at the lavish residence of the Dutch Ambassador in Kololo, his living room transformed into a stage, his terrace into a cocktail reception and with the venue as inspiring as this, we hoped that the event would go well, and we were not disappointed. As the first guests trickled in; last minute sound checks were being done, and at exactly 3:15pm, the pitch kick offs started.

Out of the 11 entrepreneurs who attended the event, 7 are currently in active conversations with investors who were present.

For BiD Network, this is a success story for the event and a good learning on how there is still need for more events to connect investors and entrepreneurs and why partners such as ourselves are crucial for growth in the East African eco-system.

They say pictures tell 1000 words so there is no better way to tell the story of our entrepreneurs and how well they did. We will just let you see, think, and feel for yourself:

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Embassy of the Netherlands Uganda for the support they provided to make this event a success.

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