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A new media partnership with How We Made It In Africa
22 10 2012

BiD Network is proud to announce a new media partnership with How We Made It In Africa. Every week, we will highlight three finance ready plans operating in Africa. These are top businesses that have been subjected to the rigorous selection, coaching and matchmaking processes of BiD Network. They are ready for investment to expand...

Princess Máxima joins the Growing SMEs conference
22 10 2012

Princess Máxima at the Growing SMEs 2010   Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands will officially open the Marketplace during the Growing SMEs Conference on November 15, 2012, at the World Forum of The Hague, in the Netherlands. Over 400 people will attend the Conference to explore the latest trends in developing, growing...

Newsletter – October 2012
22 10 2012

BiD Network is delighted to welcome Princess Máxima to the Growing SMEs conference. We would also like to congratulate the winners of the latest business plans competitions and present you a key new feature on our platform. More, below. Growing SMEs Conference in The Netherlands Princess Máxima of the Netherlands will welcome 50+ entrepreneurs from...

De Investeerdersclub Selected the Winners of Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen 2012
17 10 2012

De Investeerdersclub deliberated to select the winners of Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen 2012 with the most innovative Dutch business plans to create jobs and incomes in emerging markets. From the initial 142 applications and the 15 finalists, the five following businesses will receive extensive coaching and matchmaking support: Meet Your Host, !SYOU, Research Africa, O my...

Three Rwandan entrepreneurs win Terimbere Challenge 2012 prizes
15 10 2012

Terimbere 2012 With the aim of preparing high growth potential entrepreneurs for finance, JCI RWANDA in partnership with BiD Network launched the second edition of the Terimbere Business Plan Competition in June this year. 83 young Rwandan entrepreneurs submitted their plans for support in growing and expanding their business. Through the online tools of business...

Vote for BiD Network – E&Y partnership
15 10 2012

De Partnershipverkiezing: Vote for BiD Network & E&Y collaboration   To celebrate two years of fruitful partnership, BiD Network & Ernst & Young participate in De Partnershipverkiezing 2012 with a 'Best Partner' reward thrown in. Ernst & Young encourages their people to donate their skills to smaller ventures that have the potential to contribute significantly...

Lighting Youth in Tanzania
12 10 2012

Being part of the Growing SMEs Marketplace means a business plan “contain(s) all aspects of what financiers look for in an SME: ability to learn, timely communication, management commitment, strong management team, shared vision of where to take the enterprise and market demand for its product”, according to the selective jury of the BiD Network...

Youth for a Clean Environment
12 10 2012

James Mulbah, winner of the BSC Monrovia Business Plan Competition 2012, tells us about his experience starting and growing his company 'Compost Liberia', and his plans for his impending trip to the Growing SMEs Conference in the Netherlands. How did you get the idea to start Compost Libera? The idea of Compost Liberia started around...

BiD Network Launches its Ready4Finance Training Program
12 10 2012

On November 15, during the upcoming Growing SMEs Conference in The Hague, BiD Network will officially launch its Ready4Finance (R4F) Training Program for business development service providers in emerging countries. Ready4Finance is a modular training package designed for training providers that support SMEs in emerging markets to develop their business plans, become eligible for external...

Meet the Fast5 Challenge Finalists on How We Made It In Africa
12 10 2012

Pim De Ridder, Izzy Projects   BiD Network and our 7 committed investment partners announced the winners of the Fast5 Challenge: Izzy Projects, C. R. Kajuna and Company, Talii, Principal Company Ltd and Illumination EA. These established businesses, operating in emerging markets, were selected on account of the strength of their business plans, growth and...


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