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Meet the Leader behind this water purification success story!
03 04 2019

We recently caught up with Raymond Muhangi, CEO of Purity Industries, one of the amazing SMEs in our portfolio, who shared his experience working with BiD Network. For the last 10 months, BiD Network has been working on building a sustainable relationship with Raymond, CEO of Purity Industries. Raymond first met our Lead Analyst at...

PITCH PERFECT: Getting 11 of our Entrepreneurs closer to an Investment Deal
30 11 2018

21st November 2018. The BiD Network team had been preparing for months for this event. Each of us was nervous, and as we rehearsed our scripts that morning, a sense of achievement befell all of us. 11:34am, the last one of us stepped into the car and off we went to the Dutch Ambassador Henk Jan Bakker’s...

BiD Network expands operations to Rwanda and participates in USAID Nguriza Nshore Program
16 11 2018

‘Lend, so that I can Invest’ is the translation of ‘Nguriza Nshore’ in Kinyarwanda. In this five-year project of USAID, Rwandan businesses will be supported in their growth, with the goal to create long term off-farm jobs in the country. In a consortium with DAI and ANDE, BiD Network is contracted as the key investment...

‘BiD Network Bridged the gap and connected us to Investors relevant to our Field’, Lauren Nkuranga Founder of GET IT Rwanda
16 11 2018

From working for Nike under Girl Hub, identifying a need, creating a booming business and acquiring funding from investors; BiD Network had an interview with Lauren Nkuranga Founder of GET IT Rwanda who are benefactors. Fruit, veg and back car offices – Rwandese Silicon Valley style In 2012 I came to Rwanda working with Girl...

From testing a prototype to scaling their innovations – A Catch up with Green heat International who recently finalised their loan payment
31 10 2018

In the midst of preparing for our deal making event in November, we caught up with Gabriel Okello Co-founder of Green Heat International who recently finalized their loan payment that was facilitated through BiD Network. Green heat received debt financing at 6% interest rate in 2016 from an Angel Investor from the Netherlands. They used...

U.S. Government Launches Nguriza Nshore Agricultural Finance Project
20 09 2018

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) officially launched a new, 5-year project to help grow small and medium businesses in the agricultural sector, and create non-farm jobs for rural Rwandans.

Investment allows leading Diagnostics company to grow
26 07 2018

The director of Human Diagnostics Ltd signed an investment deal with two investment funds that agreed to co-invest in the company. Enabling them to avail medical supplies to numerous health facilities in Uganda.

BiD Network and PUM intensify collaboration
25 07 2018

PUM Netherlands Senior Experts and BiD Network agreed to intensify their collaboration by expanding to Rwanda and Kenya. Accelerating access to finance and growth for SMEs in emerging markets is the essence of their partnership.

BiD private investors support another 4 businesses
30 06 2017

Hardly 3 months since the last investment trip, another 4 deals have been closed. Lydia (NLS), Florence (Yellow Star), Abu (Village Energy) and Dan (Jakana) together received $185,000 in loans to grow and mature their businesses.

Ugandan SMEs show their growth potential to international investors during the Impact Investment Trip
30 03 2017

International investors meet our selected growth entrepreneurs in Uganda. The program is designed to introduce investors to entrepreneurs.