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Investment Opportunities in East


BiD Network offers Institutional Investors a portfolio of investment opportunities across East Africa. Our local and international team has intensively worked with these high social impact businesses, which allows us to provide insights in both the opportunities and challenges that businesses face. Upon request we share all required information about the business with investors to facilitate an investment.

Ticket Sizes of our Investment Portfolio range from 50.000 USD to 5.000.000 USD

Benefits for Investors:

Selection of Entrepreneurs

The companies we introduce investors to meet our criteria and have true potential for attracting an investment.

Investment Preparation

We allow investors to get a full understanding of the SME and their market as we collect and prepare all relevant information about the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Introductions

Based on the investor’s preferences, we arrange site visits, do checks and arrange follow up via our local and international office.

Post Investment Monitoring

For an additional fee, BiD Network can support periodically or one off for the post-investment monitoring.


Food & Agriculture

Renewable Energy


Health Care

Our Businesses:

Food & Agriculture

East African based

Annual Turnover of > 100.000 USD

Strong Entrepreneurial Team

Proof of Market

Scalable Business Model

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