Innovative Businesses Created by Women for Women | Join the #WIBChat on Jan 28

Innovative Businesses Created by Women for Women | Join the #WIBChat on Jan 28

As part of the Women in Business Challenge 2013, BiD Network is organizing a series of Twitter Chats to share tips and words of wisdom from successful Women businesses, to analyse the challenges faced by business women, and to explore innovative solutions that foster women entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs and industry experts will be part of the Chats.

Save the date!

Join us on January 28, 1pm CET for the first #WIBChat, a conversation about Innovative businesses created by Women for Women.

Every year, the Women in Business Challenge discovers, supports and highlights inspiring businesses owned and run by women. All of them aim to improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of their community including women’s conditions.

We will analyze how these successful women businesses transformed challenges into opportunities in different regions of the world. Do they set innovative business and management rules? How do they engage the women community locally? How do they participate in changing perceptions of women in business? How to do more with less access to finance?

How to participate?

A Twitter Chat is a real time conversation where Twitter users with common interest can join. They all use a #hashtag to keep track of the conversation.

– Login to Twitter and follow @bidnet for tweets and updates

– On January 28, 1pm CET, use or an application like Tweetdeck or Tweetchat to follow the #WIBChat hashtag and the conversation

– @bidnet will submit numbered questions: “Q1: Question about Innovative Women Businesses #WIBChat”

– Introduce yourself and take a minute to get to know the other participants when you join

– Enter the discussion anytime by tagging your tweets with #WIBChat. When answering, refer to the numbered question: “A1: Your answer to Q1. Finish your tweet with #WIBChat”

– Feel free to Re-Tweet (RT) uplifting thoughts.

Looking forward to your experiences, thoughts and ideas!

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