Impact Investment trip

Want to invest in emerging markets? Sign up for the upcoming Impact Investment Trip to Rwanda & Uganda

One week from 10-16 March in Rwanda & Uganda guided by BiD Network’s own deal makers

Get a behind the scenes look at doing business in East Africa and meet selected entrepreneurs

Experience what it is like to have your boots on the ground for impact investing in an emerging market

Explore innovative businesses together with other like-minded investors

Impact Investment trip Rwanda & Uganda


BiD Network is offering impact investors a chance to explore emerging market business opportunities first-hand during the Impact Investment Trip! BiD Network is hosting a week-long trip from 10-16 March to Rwanda and Uganda to give (potential) investors a chance to learn more about cross-border investing in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Visit ventures on location, meet qualified entrepreneurs in person, meet local investors and other stakeholders, see with your own eyes what impact an investment will make and get a behind the scenes look at doing business in East Africa: these are just some of the key features of this impact journey. Travel together with a group of like-minded investors and be guided by BiD Network’s experienced deal makers. Get ready to explore innovative Rwandan and Ugandan businesses in a fun and adventurous environment!

BiD Network’s impact investment trip was super effective for me; in 5 days I not only got to see interesting investment opportunities for Oikocredit, but I also got to know the whole eco-system, including the Uganda Investment Authority, banks and local investors.’

Florian Grohs, Oikocredit, participating investor

Check out what we get up to on our Impact Investment trips

What we offer you:

High-potential businesses


During the impact investment trip you get the opportunity to meet a number of selected businesses from our portfolio. The businesses operate in different sectors, but have one common denominator: They are high-potential and all have a positive impact on their communities, be it via job creation or a product or service that makes life better or easier.

Selected by BiD Network


All businesses in BiD network’s portfolio have been selected based on their annual turnover ($100,000+), proof of market, the scalability of their business model and the management capacities of the entrepreneurial team. All businesses have audited financial statements.

With BiD’s Network support


We ensure that all businesses that you visit during the impact investment trip can present sound financials and can explain their investment need. The BiD network team in Rwanda & Uganda, together with our network of local consultants and partner organisations, will support the entrepreneurs with the preparation of the required documentation.

Ready to meet investors


During the trip, investors and entrepreneurs meet each other in person at the premises of the entrepreneur to get a full understanding of the organization. Investors meet entrepreneurs active in food & agriculture, renewable energy, healthcare services, fin-tech and more. We will share more information about the participating entrepreneurs in the weeks before the trip.

Interested in joining the Impact Investment Trip?

About Rwanda


Rwanda is located in East Africa and is one of the smallest countries on the continent with a population of over 11 Million with a rapidly growing middle class. Most Rwandans speak Kinyarwanda, together with French and English. In 2012, the World Bank Doing Business report announced Rwanda as the 3rd easiest country to do business in Africa.

The Rwandan genocide of 1994 had a major influence on the already fragile social and economic status. Thanks to large amounts of monetary aid by: western nations, the IMF, and World Bank – the post-conflict GDP growth rates have been around the 7% annually. The country has low corruption compared to surrounding countries and is well organised which makes it an attractive destination for tourism. Its breathtaking scenery, the warmth and kindness of the people and rising business opportunities make it a place worthwhile visiting. But, human rights organisations report suppression of human rights by the current government.

Why Invest in Rwanda?


Rwanda is an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investments. The country:

  • Has more than 7% average GDP growth, expecting to increase to 7.5% in 2019 (World Bank)
  • A clear vision for growth through private investment set out by President Kagame (Vision 2020)
  • Increasingly attractive destination for FDI – USD 118 million in 2009 (Government Rwanda)
  • Politically stable with well functioning institutions, rule of law and zero tolerance for corruption (Government Rwanda)
  • A hub for rapidly integrating East Africa: located centrally bordering 3 countries in East Africa, part of EAC Common Market and Customers Union with market potential of over 125 million people (RDB Rwanda)

About Uganda


Uganda is located in East-Central Africa and counts a population of over 35 million. The country has remarkably developed over the past decade with over a third of the population possessing cell phones. As a multilingual country, English is widely spoken in the country. Ugandans are known around the word for their warmth and hospitality.

The country has endured a dictatorial regime after its independence in 1962. Since the 1990’s, peace, stability and economic reforms have allowed Uganda to prosper and it is known as an entrepreneurial country. Uganda has substantial natural resources, including fertile soils, regular rainfall, small deposits of copper, gold, and other minerals, and recently discovered oil.

Why invest in Uganda?


Uganda is an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investments. The country:

  • has an 5,5% average year-on-year GDP growth (World Bank)
  • has consistently attracted the highest levels of foreign direct investment in the East Africa Community region over the past five years (Uganda Investment Authority)
  • has a well regulated highly liberalized economy in which all sectors are open for investment and there is a free movement of capital to and from the country
  • is ranked as the most entrepreneurial country in the world (B2B marketplace Approved Index)

Practical Information


The trip of 2019 will take place from 10-16 March 2019.

Registration closes February 10.


The cost of the impact investment trip is € 3.000,- excluding VAT and international flights.

Early bird fee (until January 15) is € 2.500,- excluding VAT and international flights

Included in this price are all accommodation, meals, local transport, flight ticket Kigali-Entebbe, airport-pickups/dropoffs and events.
Excluded are VAT and international flights.

Discount for Dutch investors
Dutch investors that own a SME in the Netherlands are invited to apply for a ‘Missie Voucher’ at RVO to receive a discount of 50% of the investor trip (excluding costs of flights, hotels and VAT) to a maximum amount of € 1.500,-. For more information and to apply go to the website of RVO.

Feel free to reach out to receive more information about the costs and discounts that might apply to you. Contact us for more information.


The trip will take place in both Rwanda and Uganda. We start on Sunday 10 March in Kigali, Rwanda where we will stay for 3 nights. Wednesday 13 March in the afternoon we will fly to Uganda. We will stay in Kampala for 3 nights and end our trip on Saturday the 16th of March. In both countries, we will visit the premises of the selected entrepreneurs in and around the city, occasionally we travel upcountry to visit entrepreneurs.

Who should join

Whether you are new to impact investing or you have already invested in a few businesses, you are welcome to join our Impact Investment Trip. During the trip we will indulge you into impact investing itself and investing in East Africa. We offer an optional (online) masterclass to introduce you to impact investing before departure.

What to expect

Between 5-12 investors join each trip. Together with the other investors we will meet around 10 entrepreneurs at their premises in and around Kigali and Kampala. The rest of our time, we meet different players in the impact investment environment and will learn more about investing in Rwanda and Uganda from guest speakers.

During the investor trip we introduce you to companies with an investment need of < 200.000 USD so you can either invest yourself or explore possibilities to co-invest as part of a syndicate.


Draft Program
Day 1 Rwanda – Sunday Arrival, check-in at the hotel and start of the program with a dinner with an introduction to East Africa and Impact Investing.
Day 2 Rwanda – Monday Breakfast session with an investment expert followed by two business visits.
Day 3 Rwanda – Tuesday Business visit followed by the Dealmaking event where multiple entrepreneurs from our portfolio pitch for investors.
Day 4 Rwanda & Uganda- Wednesday Breakfast session with an investment expert and two business visits. In the late afternoon, flight to Uganda.
Day 5 Uganda – Thursday Breakfast session with an investment expert followed by two business visits and site visit to a project that previously received investment.
Day 6 Uganda – Friday Breakfast session with an investment expert followed by two business visits.
Day 7 Uganda – Saturday Follow up meetings and closing dinner. Optional extension of your stay to explore the beauty of Uganda.

How can I register

To register for the investor trip we ask you to fill in the expression of interest sheet. Based on that we will get in touch with you to finalize your registration and to hear more about your background, what you are looking for, the investment type and amount, etc. so we can try to make the most out of your trip and potential investment.

Extend your stay

We created a full program for you during the trip. This means that there is little time to explore the rest East Africa has to offer, like nature and wildlife. For those who would like to extend their stay, we offer tours via our partner Matoke Tours. Feel free to let us know your wishes and we will make sure that you will get a full grasp of the region!


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