The Final Hurdle – Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen 2012

The Final Hurdle – Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen 2012

Floor Montanus (right) of Research Africa receiving the HUB Amsterdam prize

On November 15, De Investeerdersclub selected five winners of Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen 2012 with the most innovative Dutch business plans to create jobs and incomes in emerging markets. The five winners are: Meet Your Host, !SYOU, Research Africa, O my bag, Vrindavan

The five winners had an extremely active role at Growing SMEs, in The Hague this November. Aside from participating in the marketplace, with 40 other entrepreneurs from around the world, they had the opportunity to pitch in a private room to the potential investors of De Investeerdersclub. The official award ceremony of Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen 2012 took place at the conference and saw partner organizations Ernst & Young and the HUB Amsterdam praise this year’s participants.


The official award ceremony, while paying homage to the five winners, also took the time to present prizes for awards given by two of the competitions official partners. The coaching partner of the Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen, Ernst & Young, acknowledged the progress made by Jeroen Poole and his company S3C Solar. Awarding him EUR 2,000 in coaching hours with Ernst & Young, in recognition of the progress he made with his coach. His coach thought Jeroen epitomized the entrepreneurial spirit that this challenge is all about, and was so invigorated by Jeroen they intend to coach more entrepreneurs in the coming year.

The HUB Amsterdam is a worldwide network of social entrepreneurs who believe there are no bad ideas, just bad infrastructure. The selection of the HUB Prize considered social impact the deciding fact, with this in mind Floor Montanus and her company Research Africa won the prize.

Many thanks to our partners – NCDO, Ernst & Young,  and De Investeerders Club – who helped organize such a great event.

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