Investment allows leading Diagnostics company to grow

Ronald Wantanda, founder and director of Human Diagnostics Ltd, one of Ugandans leading Medical Diagnostics companies, started his company from a vision: to build a legacy. A legacy where all people in Uganda get access to basic medical equipment. Something that seemed like a dream for people in underserved communities in Uganda. But, Ronald started to revolutionize the medical diagnostics sector in Uganda by making basic medical diagnostics supplies available to the upcountry regions of Uganda.

As a medical diagnostics company, Human Diagnostics deals in the supply of medical laboratory diagnostic equipment, vital for the detection of critical illnesses. They supply to major healthcare facilities, institutions, hospitals and clinics across the country.

The company has been steadily growing over the years and searched an investment to facilitate the importation of additional equipment and meet their working capital needs. Therefore, they needed an investment from investors that understood the business and saw the potential of their plan. An injection of money they would not be able to obtain from the normal banking system.

At the end of 2017, Ronald closed an investment with two investment funds that agreed to co-invest in the company. The two investment funds know the sector since they are medically oriented, enabling Human Diagnostics to promptly avail the required medical supplies to numerous health facilities all around the country.

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