De Investeerdersclub Selected the Winners of Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen 2012

De Investeerdersclub Selected the Winners of Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen 2012

De Investeerdersclub deliberated to select the winners of Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen 2012 with the most innovative Dutch business plans to create jobs and incomes in emerging markets.

From the initial 142 applications and the 15 finalists, the five following businesses will receive extensive coaching and matchmaking support: Meet Your Host, !SYOU, Research Africa, O my bag, Vrindavan.

The five winners will have a very active role at Growing SMEs, in The Hague in November. Aside from participating in the marketplace with over 40 entrepreneurs, they will pitch in a private room to the potential investors of De Investeerdersclub. The official award ceremony of Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen 2012 will also take place at the conference.

Congratulations to all participants in this challenging business plan competition, to the winners and to our partners; NCDO, De Investeerdersclub & Ernst & Young.

The 5 Winners
Countries: Nepal, South Africa


Yvon Gijsbers, created the traveler’s platform which allows you to meet local tourism entrepreneurs in emerging countries. A platform that offers a unique experience while allowing you to get to grips with rural life on holiday, this platform opens up a world of possibilities.

Countries: Colombia, Philippines


!SYOU is a unique brand of footwear produced in collaboration with DAC-listed nations and co-designed with local creative talent and international designers. Entrepreneur Jaap Spoorenberg ensures !SYOU’s footwear is produced by local manufacturers, with locally sourced materials, and then sold with fair margins at a fair price globally.

Research Africa
Country: Uganda


Floor Montanus noticed the potential of a market research agency in Uganda. The Research Africa project empowers low-income individuals as valued consumers of products and services by offering respondents phone credit in exchange for feedback.

O my bag
Country: India

Paulien Wesselink established the fashionable and sustainable O My Bag, a company which distributes products made from a unique kind of eco-leather, manufactured by a local Indian fair trade organization.

Countries: India, Suriname


Alexandre van der Moezel and his company Vrindavan are taking traditional Dutch festive treats to the Hindi speaking population of the world. Since 2011, Vrindavan, has produced chocolate Hindu letters, with the goal to make them a staple of religious holidays and family occasions.

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