A day for Business Angels in the Netherlands

A day for Business Angels in the Netherlands

Establishing, running and collaborating with international and national Business Angel Networks (BANs) is one of the focus areas of BiD Network. On February 14, as a member of the Business Angel Networks Netherlands (BANN), BiD Network participated in a special day for Dutch Business Angels called the Day of the Informal.

During a day full of network opportunities and relevant discussions, participants brought up important topics for the current situation of Angel Business. The presence of experts from Belgium, Germany, France, and the Netherlands, helped to have a critical view on the political, economic and social situation in the Netherlands and its neighbor countries, ‘when will the Netherlands adopt more favorable fiscal policies for Business Angels, like in surrounding countries?’.

Experienced Angel investors and accelerators experts also shared their best practices and experience. Adjiedj Bakas, trend watcher, discussed the consequences of increased shale gas usage on alternative energy markets. In addition, Bakas suggested investors to pay more attention to innovational technologies. To add to these trends Paul Niederer, CEO of ASSOB, shared his success stories about online platforms. ASSOB matched more than USD 130 million in Australia. Furthermore, Startupbootcamp, a business accelerator program, shared their tips and tricks when working with startups, ‘focus on the team!’.

The Day of the informal ended with five entrepreneurs pitching their business plans to a jury of Business Angels and Fund managers.

For more information about the day of the informal visit www.dagvandeinformal.nl

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