Creative Partnership Challenge: From Donor Dependency to a Sustainable Business Model

Creative Partnership Challenge: From Donor Dependency to a Sustainable Business Model

The nature of BiD Network partnerships is changing. With the hope of establishing mutually benefitting relationships, BiD Network ran the Creative Partnership Challenge, between September and November 2012, to encourage the initiation of new projects funded by our partner organizations.

Providing quality services to assist entrepreneurs starting or growing a business in emerging markets is the primary aim of BiD Network partnerships. Providing these services in the long term, however, require our partners (the service providers) to be self-sustaining entities. With this in mind, BiD Network’s relationship with partners is evolving, from donor dependency to a business model where both can generate income.

The Creative Partnership Challenge is for existing partner organizations, and rewards participants who produce innovative and sustainable business models, focused on securing their own financing.

The Creative Partnership Challenge encourages partners to finance their own operations, and as an innovative incentive to establish these financing channels, BiD Network will match 40-70% of the amount generated through their fundraising.

Our panel of judges will select up to three winners of the competition, chosen from the entrants in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and the Philippines. The expert panel of judges features:

• Maarten de Jong- Managing Director of Oneplanetcrowd, Partner at Pepperdecks

• Paul van Aalst – Managing Director SOVEC (Social Venture Capital Fund) and BiD Network Board Member

• Jaime Reibel- SME Manager – BiD Network

The results of the competition will be announced during BiD Week, the business week preceding the Growing SMEs Conference, held in The Hague on November 11 – 16.

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