Connecting Liberia from North West to South East by sea – A monumental impact

Connecting Liberia from North West to South East by sea – A monumental impact


How did it all start?

Coastal Marine Transport Ltd president and CEO Theo Denis brought his expertise navigating Liberian waters together with his German partner’s knowledge in navigation and management to bridge the gap, both literally and figuratively, between the North West and the South East of Liberia. “After getting stuck on the muddy and slippery roads, and being forced to sleep in make-shift mud-walled ‘motels’ along the way upcountry, the German navigation and management experts decided that there were compelling facts and evidence of high demand for a sea-link alternative to ground transport” said Theo Dennis. Thanks to the investment of German investors and his business partner, Theo purchased their first ferry, enabling Coastal Marine Transport to convey people and goods along the Liberian coastline.

Connecting Monrovia to Greenville and then to Harper, one Ferry can transport 100 passengers and 24 containers of up to 30 tons each per trip. “Getting the South East into Monrovia and Monrovia out and into the South east will have a monumental impact… creating huge multiple effect and potential” Theo Dennis President/CEO said in an interview with BiD Network.

High demand from clients is prompting the company to acquire one more ferry and reach international waters. This will have a significant impact on transportation and will extend export possibilities for Liberia

A bumpy road to success

Getting to where Coastal Marine Transport is today wasn’t an easy task. It took two years for the company to get up and running. Not only did they need to deal with a long permit process, but with the tide changing every five and a half hours, constructing the berthing site was also a challenge which was eventually overcome by ingenious engineering solutions. Furthermore Greek, German and Filipino crewmembers were needed due to the absence of fully-licensed Liberian maritime operators at the time. After 29 days on standby, and four stopovers in Morocco for technical reasons, the Ferry finally arrived in Liberia on the December 12, 2012, at 12 past midday (or 12-12-2012; at 12:12) a time Theo will never forget.

BiD Network is proud to support a promising company like Coastal Marine Transport and its efforts to improve transportation, offering new opportunities and connecting people in Liberia and beyond.

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