BiD Network Launches its Ready4Finance Training Program

BiD Network Launches its Ready4Finance Training Program

On November 15, during the upcoming Growing SMEs Conference in The Hague, BiD Network will officially launch its Ready4Finance (R4F) Training Program for business development service providers in emerging countries.

Ready4Finance is a modular training package designed for training providers that support SMEs in emerging markets to develop their business plans, become eligible for external financing and prepare to close a financial deal.

Developed with investors’ requirements in mind, the R4F curriculum includes developing a business plan, pitching and financial planning, as well as advanced subjects related to the investment process – such as the different types of investors, royalty-based finance, preparing a suitable exit and valuation techniques for SMEs.

BiD Network trains and licenses service providers to use the R4F materials. In this way, SME incubators, Business Support centers, Business Schools and Entrepreneurship Promotion Initiatives can deliver high-impact, hands-on, interactive training services based on BiD Network’s solid expertise. Licensed training providers receive access to first-rate training content in key business development areas, providing them the opportunity to create a serious beneficial impact by starting and growing emerging market SMEs.

To date, Ready4Finance training has been delivered in Argentina, Burundi, Colombia, Ecuador, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Liberia, Mexico, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Over the next six months BiD Network will expand its curriculum with training modules for investors and coaches.

The development of the Ready4Finance program has been made possible thanks to the support of the Dutch Development Bank FMO and Hivos, a Dutch development NGO.

For more information on the R4F program here.
Interested business development service providers can contact the BiD Network Training +31 (0)20 7555 011.

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