BiD Network expands operations to Rwanda and participates in USAID Nguriza Nshore Program

‘Lend, so that I can Invest’ is the translation of ‘Nguriza Nshore’ in Kinyarwanda. In this five-year project of USAID, Rwandan businesses will be supported in their growth, with the goal to create long term off-farm jobs in the country. In a consortium with DAI and ANDE, BiD Network is contracted as the key investment partner for the project.

Rwanda’s economy has developed rapidly in the recent years, but, this did not reflect in a widespread job creation and many Rwandans still work in agricultural businesses. As in many East African countries, business owners in Rwanda find it hard to attract investment. According to DAI, the project lead: ‘this lack of access to finance -especially for women and young entrepreneurs—has constrained the ability of small businesses to expand, provide new and better products and services, and employ more people, especially in rural areas.’ Rwanda Nguriza Nshore will improve this by: ‘working on the enabling environment to effectively support small and medium enterprises, both in terms of financial regulatory and business promotion policies. In all, the consortium aims to bring $15 million in debt financing and $30 million in investment to small and medium-sized non-farm agribusinesses while creating more than 30,000 jobs for rural Rwandans.’

Investment Advisory Services
Being the independent investment advisory firm for East African entrepreneurs, it is BiD Network’s goal to provide the best suitable financial solution for the Rwandan SMEs. This is done by selecting eligible companies and guiding them in structuring their investment, developing the right set of documents and training them on the implications of having an investor on board. In the last 12 years, BiD Network has built up a strong network of both private and institutional investors worldwide. After preparing the Rwandan entrepreneurs for investment-readiness, we bring in investors and actively guide the entrepreneur in closing the right investment. We will not rest before there is a signature in place!

BiD Network Rwanda
BiD Network is in the process of setting up an office in Rwanda and establish a team with investment experts. Being established in Rwanda as one of the few independent investment advisory firms, BiD Network is able to support all types of local entrepreneurs in finding the best financial solution for their growth. ‘Joining this program is a nice stepping stone into Rwanda, but regardless of the program, we will continue to support all companies that meet our criteria and we are definitely here to stay for the long term’, according to BiD Network CEO Gert van Veldhuisen.

Rwandan and East African entrepreneurs that are looking for investment can find out more about our services and selection criteria or learn more about the USAID Nguriza Nshore project.

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