BiD Network and PUM intensify collaboration

Accelerating access to finance and growth for SMEs in emerging markets is the essence of the partnership between PUM Netherlands senior experts and BiD Network. Working together successfully for over two years in Uganda, nine SMEs have been able to attract investment. This month, both parties agreed to intensify their collaboration by expanding to Rwanda and Kenya.

What is unique about the collaboration between PUM and BiD Network, is that it is now possible to offer entrepreneurs a total package . Of course, the entrepreneur is responsible for his or her own company, but essential knowledge and investments are often unattainable. This collaboration offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to take concrete steps and to contribute to the economic development in their country.

Gert van Veldhuisen, CEO BiD Network: “BiD Network and PUM have many synergies and complement each other in the work they do for entrepreneurs in Africa. Where PUM strengthens the companies by providing business support, BiD Network facilitates the best-suited investment to these entrepreneurs as their independent investment advisor. By strengthening companies in their growth, they create more jobs and form the basis of positive change in a country. This collaboration enables us to build a stronger foundation for our entrepreneurs as they benefit from extra business support from PUM experts. Our large network of investors gets access to more high-quality deal flow which ensures them that besides their financial injection, the company is strengthened with knowledge from PUM experts, de-risking their investment and leaving the company with better growth perspective.”

Pedro Eikelenboom, Business Development Manager PUM: “The mission of PUM is to strengthen entrepreneurs in emerging markets. More than 1,800 volunteer PUM experts go to countries such as Uganda, Jordan, Indonesia and Peru every year. Working together with an organisation such as BiD Network makes it possible to enable the ‘last mile’, meaning to obtain financing, for our SME customers. This contributes specifically to growth, in turnover, in jobs, investment in sustainability. BiD is a partner that recognises our added value and with whom we can work together on an identical mission. In the past 40 years, PUM has supported over 40,000 entrepreneurs, what better than linking our customers to investors who also share our vision and values?”

About PUM Netherlands Senior Experts

PUM Netherlands senior experts is a volunteer organisation committed to the sustainable development of small and medium-size enterprises in developing countries and emerging markets. PUM works with around 2000 experts who are available for short-term projects – advisory missions – within the most important sectors of the economy, giving primary attention to producers and consumers. More information on



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