BiD Challenge México 2012 | The Finalists

BiD Challenge México 2012 | The Finalists

BiD Challenge México 2012, the 4th edition of the business plan competition organized by Fundación E, encourages Mexican entrepreneurship through innovation in SMEs. After 7 months of a competitive challenge, the jury selected the following finalists amongst 100 participants:

– Nueces Criollas Baby Garapiñadas
– Hamacas de la Costa
– Saudent
– Ecoplog by EZfireliez
– Producion de Nopal Mexica SC de RL de CV
– Ecoveco
– Bioactive Compunds from Sea Cucumber
– Calentadores para agua Multiecologicos

The eight finalists will pitch to investors at a private breakfast. Special congratulations to all participants and the finalists!

For more information about BiD Challenge México 2012, click here.

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