BCZ – Spring Challenge 2013 Awarding Ceremony

BCZ – Spring Challenge 2013 Awarding Ceremony

Awarding ceremony was held at “Sasa Dedovic” restaurant in North Mitrovica on 20.06.2013. Around 30 people was present, winners and finalists of the competitions, Spark employees, guests from Mercy Corps, members of jury/selection committee, trainers, representative of the university, etc.

Kosovo Spring Challenge 2013 was organized by Business Center Zvecan (BCZ) in cooperation with SPARK and BiD Network. It was joint online / offline competition, for Best Business Plan and Best Business Idea.

For participants of the competition specialized trainings in Business Plan”, “Financial Statements” and “Pitching for Success” were delivered.

A total of 24 full business plans and 11 business ideas were submitted and they underwent an evaluation by a professional and independent selection committee, which selected 10 finalists for best business plan and 5 finalists for best business idea.

There were 3 winners for Best Business Plan:

  1. Aleksandar Simovic (1000 EUR)
  2. Svetlana Arsic (800 EUR)
  3. Milisav Ilincic (700 EUR)

There were 3 winners for Best Business Idea:

  1. Milan Milosavljevic (500 EUR)
  2. Milan Mihajlovic (300 EUR)
  3. Maja Doknic (200 EUR)

The day was rounded up by a networking cocktail where guests were given the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

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