Angel Investors

Access to high impact businesses

Investments with Financial Return and Social Impact

BiD Network offers a portfolio of investable businesses across East Africa.
Our local and international team has intensively worked with these businesses, which allows us to provide insights in both the opportunities and challenges that businesses face.
Upon request we share all required information about the SME with  investors to facilitate an investment.

Ticket Sizes for Angel Investors range from 50.000 USD to 200.000 USD.

What we do for Angel Investors:

Impact Investment Trips

We offer our angel investor partners the experience, to see and feel the impact of their investments, with the aim to enable them learn, share knowledge, and possibly ensure they have a good night rest and a healthy conscience that their investment is in impactful use.

Ready-2-Invest Masterclasses

To ensure that our finance team is not speaking over the heads of our angel investor partners, we design and deliver a practical Ready To Invest Master Class to our angel investor partners. Which equips them with the appopriate lingo and knowledge, to ask the entrepreneurs cornerstone questions, and engage our finance team in engaging and productive dialogues. Because our finance team prefer dialogues to monologues.

Investor Drinks

To ensure that our investors are aware of current and future investment opportunities, and benefit from other investors’ knowledge, we organize Investor Drinks. Which is always more electrifying than enlightening.


Food & Agriculture

Renewable Energy


Health Care

Our Businesses:

Food & Agriculture

East African based

Annual Turnover of > 100.000 USD

Strong Entrepreneurial Team

Proof of Market

Scalable Business Model

Share your Investment Preferences

All Business of BiD Network were well prepared. I invested in two businesses and I am still working on another deal.