500,000 extra euros for entrepreneurship thanks to the Dutch Postcode Lottery

500,000 extra euros for entrepreneurship thanks to the Dutch Postcode Lottery

Last night, during the Goed Geld Gala ceremony in Amsterdam, BiD Network received 500,000 euros from the Dutch Postcode Lottery to continue preparing emerging market entrepreneurs for investors. This was a night with special guests including, former president of the United States, Bill Clinton and Dutch politician Femke Halsema, who discussed the three crises the world is facing: the food crisis, climate change and the economic crisis. According to Mr. Clinton, the way to fight all these crises is by empowering people to take initiative and by having a strategy that generates employment and creates businesses.

BiD Network would like to thank the Dutch Postcode Lottery for their support during the last 6 years and for believing that entrepreneurship contributes to sustainable economic growth in emerging countries.

Read more about the Goed Geld Gala (In Dutch) here.
Read about BiD Network and the Dutch Postcode Lottery collaboration here.

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