The 5 finalists of the Women in Business Challenge 2013

The 5 finalists of the Women in Business Challenge 2013

BiD Network and partners are pleased to announce the 5 finalists for Women in Business Challenge 2012-2013. Congratulations to Lauren Thomas for Mozambiques, Dr. Sanjeevani and her Mobile Dental Clinic, Jazmin Chi for LevGrow, Dulce Martinez for Fabrica Social and Affiong Williams for Healthy Snacks. This year, the jury has also selected a runner-up – congratulations to Sanne Bolkenstein and AFRIpads.These finalists were chosen out of over 700 applications on account of their potential for growth, creativity, economic and environmental impact and the overall quality of their business plan.

They are invited for an all-expense paid business trip to the Netherlands in September 2013. Professionals will coach them to strengthen their investment plans through a one-on-one session and prepare their face-to-face meeting with high-end investors. Thanks again to all participants, our jury and our partners. Stay tuned for the interviews of the 5 Women in Business finalists.

The 5 Finalists:

MozambikesFighting poverty with transportation

Sector: Transportation, Urban Transport
Country: Mozambique

Mozambikes, Limitada is a social venture based in Mozambique with an innovative model to make bicycles more affordable to rural people who can change their lives with this tool for development. Mozambikes brands bicycles with the colors and logos of companies and organizations, leveraging the public and private sectors to get more bicycles into the market. Moreover, Mozambikes engages in activities to increase bicycle awareness, usage, safety and present new bicycle technologies to Mozambique. Mozambikes has sold over 1,000 bicycles into Mozambique and is documenting the impact of the bicycles on the recipients, and estimates a need in the country for over 1 million bikes..
Read the business plan.


Mobile Dental Clinic

Sector: Services
Finance needed: $200,000 – $500,000
Country: India

Choice Dental Clinic Pvt is an enterprise started by Dr. Sanjeevani Nene, 25 years ago. We have a state of the art operatory where we offer the latest dental treatments in cosmetic and conservative dentistry along with all the routine dental treatments at affordable rates. Have designed special dental health packages for individuals, families, children, senior citizen and women. These dental health packages can be subscribed for by Corporates or individual professionals in the Corporates and the semi urban population as well. These are an excellent alternative to the lack of dental insurance in India. We now want to take the reach of our services to the areas where dental treatment is far fetched or not available. Hence, we are looking at getting funding for starting Mobile Dental Clinics which will be our branches on wheels catering to the hitherto neglected areas of Society. Read the business plan.


LevGrow: Educative Materials for Children

Sector: Education
Finance needed: $200,000 – $500,000
Country: Mexico

LevGrow is a new concept of children’s educative products which increases the quality of education in all areas for children from 0 to 10 years, giving them goods, entertainment and knowledge in a whole new way to learn; transforming the education through: Books, Apps, Videos, E- books, Toys, Games, Furniture and Clothes. LevGrow presents learning through a variant focused on entertainment and fun for infants, which has not been researched, developed and much less exploited so far. Our products are specially designed with mechanisms for the development of children’s lives. Most notably are the use of 3-D technology and 3-D holograms, forming a bridge that leads children to become familiar with the technology that covers an increasingly important role in our lives. Read the business plan.


Fabrica Social
Sector: Apparel And Accessory Stores, Wholesale Trade
Finance needed: $13,200
Country: Mexico

Fabrica Social is a social enterprise comprised of a non-governmental organization that drives the creative, economic and social freedom of female indigenous artisans in Mexico through their traditional trade as well as a brand that promotes the sale of their textile products under fair trade standards. Read the business plan.


Healthy Snacks: Dried Fruit

Sector: Agriculture, Food
Finance needed: $25,000
Country: Nigeria

The Company’s flagship product is delicious, healthy dried fruit, containing all the flavour and health benefits of fresh fruits, but preserved and packaged in a convenient manner that enables consumers to make fruit a regular staple in their diets. The product is a healthy alternative to the growing number of unhealthy food options available to the Nigerian consumer. Reelfruit is currently available in variants of mango and pineapple and sold in over 10 locations in Lagos, Nigeria. Read the business plan.




Sector: Fabricated Textile Products
Finance needed: $100,000 – $200,000
Country: Uganda

AFRIpads was founded in southwestern Uganda in March 2009 by Paul Grinvalds and Sophia Klumpp. AFRIpads began operations as a 6-month pilot project to determine the manufacturing viability and market demand for cloth sanitary pads as an effective and affordable menstrual product in rural East Africa. AFRIpads’ mission is to be the leading supplier of cloth sanitary pads in East Africa, with a particular focus on curbing the high rates of menstruation-related absenteeism among schoolgirls. The company takes a triple-bottom line perspective to business measured by financial gain, social impact, and environmental responsibility. Read the business plan.

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