The 5 finalists of the ICT Challenge 2013

The 5 finalists of the ICT Challenge 2013

BiD Network and partners are pleased to announce the 5 finalists for the ICT Challenge 2013, the competition seeking businesses to accelerate entrepreneurship & innovation in Burundi, Liberia, Rwanda, Kosovo, and Palestine.

Congratulations to Fabrice Mutekano from Burundi, Henri Nyakarundi and Innocent Munyaneza from Rwanda, Salah Ahmed from Palestine and Amos Sando from Liberia. These finalists were chosen out of close to 50 applications on account of their potential for growth, creativity and the overall quality of their business plan. They are invited for an all-expense paid business trip to the Netherlands in October 2013, including their participation at the event Implementing Inclusive Innovations.

Thanks again to all participants, our jury and our partners. Stay tuned for more information about the event.

The 5 Finalists:

African Renewable Energy Distributor
Country: Rwanda

A.R.E.D. was founded in 2013, we designed and developed our first product called Mobile charging Kiosk (MCK) charja Vuba that is a one stop shop for our telecom customers. Our primary service is charging cell phones, but we also sell phones, airtime, do mobile money transfers. Charja Vuja will be operated by local franchisees. Each franchisee will lease the unit and have freedom to take the MCK unit to a specific location to serve their customers. Target areas will be markets, bus stops, and other areas where people gather both in urban and rural areas. Each franchisee will be required to enroll in our high quality training program before becoming an MCK unit operator. Franchisees will learn how to operate the unit and manage customers.


E-Business in Rwanda
Country: Rwanda

E-business is a new kind of business in Rwanda.This is an online business, using a website in full Kinyarwanda.The market of electronics items in Rwanda is enough big as the development is nowadays based on technology in all sectors. This website will allow every Rwandan to save money and time, buying or selling online. OBJECTIVE: Development of the owner, the employees and all the users of the E-BUSINESS, as well as the General optimization of all potentialities instituted by The Government in technology area, in order to impulse the general national development. MISSION: To convince the Rwandan people to use internet for not only reading and sending emails, but also and mainly DOING BUSINESS ONLINE. In this regard, we have developed and put online an innovative website built in full Kinyarwanda, called


E-Commerce in Burundi
Country: Burundi

Specialists in web design, advertising and selling online, proposes to promote local businesses by opening them a window to the technology, internet. proposes to local business (farmer, industries,…) to buy and sell or promote their goods (tea, coffee,…) on Iinternet, so that potential buyers can access easily to them. wants to be a window to local enterprises to the world. In addition, we would like to introduce money transfer in Burundi using electronic card to card transfer at the lowest rate comparing to other businesses. Plus a service of tourism and tours and a platform for young entrepreneurs to share their views and experiences. The website is currently accessible at


Avatar Information Technology
Country: Palestine

The number of smartphone users in the Arab world has reached 22 million, according to a study released by Digital Marketing Arts. also the number of Arabian users passed the 90 million users online, but the Arabic content still less than 3%. In addition, strange cultures penetrated the Arab region and produced distorted behaviors. . This gave us the idea of starting our company AIT to provide Arabic based multimedia product and unique interactive applications for smart devices to impact in the community and enriching the Arabic content.


Amoscom Computer Services
Country: Liberia

AMOSCOM COMPUTER SERVICES,(ACCS) is a small business established solely for providing valuable IT services to the people of Liberia for the aim of making profit. Established by its inspiring proprietor, Amos N. Sando a bachelor degree holder in accounting from Cuttington University, it has been very instrumental in meeting the IT needs of the people of Liberia. Located in Gbarnga, this business has been struggling to grow to a remarking level but always been faced with challenges. These challenges include but not limited to high cost of electricity, qualified personnel, and other resources poverty especially finance. ACCS is ideally located in the central part of the city, adjacent the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment. Due to its location and valuable services render, it has attracted many customers and has won an incredible share of the IT market in Central Liberia with a determination to expand to the rest of the Country.

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