Training materials developed by BiD Network for entrepreneurs, investors, coaches and business service providers

Over the years, BiD Network has developed valuable training programs for entrepreneurs (Ready4Finance), business angels (Ready2Invest), coaches (Ready2Coach) and local business service providers (BiD Start Up Kit). With the help of our training programs, entrepreneurs have been able to finalize their business and financial plan and increased their chance of finding finance. New business angels have been prepared for investing, coaches have learned how to support our entrepreneurs in the best way possible, and local partners and business service providers have neem trained by the BiD Network staff to be able to locally serve and train entrepreneurs in a qualified way.  On this page, you can find the training materials. Note that only part of the materials are available to everyone. Partners with whom BiD Network has cooperated in training purposes can access all materials.  


The Ready4Finance training program was developed with financial support of FMO and Hivos. Ready4Finance is a modular training package designed for Business Development Service Providers such as entrepreneurship centers, incubators, business support centers, chambers of commerce and business schools, that want to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in their start-up and growth and in becoming “investment ready”. The training helps entrepreneurs in starting and developing their businesses, getting ready for finance and in getting familiar with different types of finance and investors, pitching techniques and the investment process. Up to 2015, local partner organizations in more than 10 countries have been trained and certified as trainers of the Ready4Finance training, and many entrepreneurs have participated in one or more training sessions.

Certified Ready4Finance Trainers

Country Organization
Mexico Fundacion E
Peru Invertir
Burundi BBIN
Liberia BSC Monrovia
Kenya Investeq Capital
Tanzania SEED
Rwanda JCI Rwanda
Uganda IRIS Consulting & Training
Kosovo CEED
BC Zvecan
Universum University
Palestine BTI Islamic University Gaza


The Ready2Invest training materials are a series of interactive modules and workshops for (new) business angels developed by Droomzaken and BiD Network. The Ready2Invest training prepares (informal) investors to finance SMEs in emerging markets. Ready2Invest is also available as a modular training package to train business service providers in supporting investors to finance SMEs in emerging markets. The training includes different modules, such as an introduction to angel investing, as well as in-depth training on the pre-deal and post-deal investment process. In addition, the Ready2Invest training package includes a module for (new) investors that aspire to set up a business angel network in their own country.


The Ready2Coach materials consist of two half training days. Luz azul has developed in cooperation with BiD Network training materials on coaching and intercultural communication. At the end of the first workshop, participants know more about the background, approach, goals, practical tools and best practices of BiD Network in coaching SMEs in emerging markets and become more aware of the role of  ‘culture’, of their own attitude and of the role of stereotyping. eCoachPro has developed the second part of the coach training. At the end of the workshop on e-coaching, participants have an understanding of what e-coaching is, which online tools can be used for coaching on a distance, how the coach can create a good working relationship with the entrepreneur and do’s and don’ts of online coaching.

BiD Start Up Kit

The BiD Start Up Kit is designed to offer business service providers in emerging markets with the tools needed to organize a local ‘BiD Network’ to address the ‘access to finance’ challenge of SMEs. The kit consists of workshops to organize business plan competitions aimed at identifying the most promising entrepreneurs in a region and/or sector, to provide coaching and review services to entrepreneurs to improve their business plans and to provide investor matchmaking services to match SMEs with investors.


The training materials are not for publication or any distribution, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part. The purpose of these documents is access to knowledge. For use of the materials for training purposes, please contact one of the organizations with certified trainers listed below. For additional information on the materials, please contact BiD Network at