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Impact investment opportunities for investors


BiD Network offers informal and institutional investors investable businesses. In the last decade, our investor network grew to more than 200 investors worldwide and together we facilitated investments in emerging market SME’s of more than 32M USD in more than 230 deals ….. and counting. BiD Network is well known for having a strong community of private investors (business angels), but we also actively work with many investment funds.

What is unique about us? BiD Network insists on showing both the strengths and challenges of the entrepreneurs we work with. Our team of experienced investors and entrepreneurs offers a unique form of investor engagement opportunities.


Access to high quality investable businesses (deal flow)

BiD Network delivers investable businesses with social impact. We source, select and prepare East African SME’s for an investment. They are in the (early) growth stage, they are high-potential and have a positive impact on their communities, be it via job creation or a product or service that improves lives. Our portfolio companies are mostly active in renewable/solar energy, healthcare, fin-tech, agriculture and waste/sanitation and require investments between USD 50,000 and USD 1,000,000. Currently, the entrepreneurs we work with are all based in Uganda.

Our selection criteria are, besides creating social impact: at least 100,000 USD annual turnover, a strong entrepreneurial team, proof-of-market and a scalable model.

Before entering our portfolio, the entrepreneurs have passed a thorough selection where we assess their financials and Investment readiness. Once they have met the criteria, we sign a matchmaking contract and support them in Investment preparation and jointly develop a comprehensive Investment Package which we can share with interested investors.



Are you interested in learning more about our entrepreneurs and the opportunities for investment? Our dedicated team of experienced investors and entrepreneurs can offer you personalized matchmaking services. We can provide you with investable businesses with social impact in emerging markets, tailored to your personal interests and preferences. We adapt our services to your needs and investment experience, whether you’re looking for access to high potential investment opportunities or more guidance in realizing the investment. Investors are treated discretely, and are only introduced to propositions that meet their preferences.

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Other Investor Services:

Investor Drinks

Our famous Investor Drinks offer the perfect opportunity to mingle with other investors and to hear the stories of inspiring speakers with experience in impact investing. The Investor Drinks are held quarterly in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. See our event calendar for upcoming Investor Drinks. Don’t miss it!

Investor training: Ready-2-Invest master classes

Twice a year, around the Impact Investment Trip, BiD Network organises masterclasses for (potential) investors to learn more about impact investing. The two masterclass events are for: people who are new to impact investing and want to know more, people who are experienced in investment but want to learn about the practicalities surrounding investing in emerging markets and those people who are joining a BiD Network Investors Trip.

Impact Investment Trip

Twice a year we organize an Investor Trip to Uganda. In five days, a group of maximim 8 investors visit a number of pre-selected and well-prepared businesses from our portfolio. As an investor, you will have a customized trip to visit all the entrepreneurs of your specific interest. The trip also provides you the opportunity to meet with other stakeholders in the investment environment, including the Uganda Investment Authority, embassy, local investors and banks. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to share knowledge and possibly co-invest with other likeminded investors.

Business Growth Support (After the investment)

Actual business growth requires more than just a financial injection. That is why we also offer tailor-made business growth support after the investment is done, with the emphasis on achieving results through execution and implementation. Based on our assessment on the business and the entrepreneur during the previous months, combined with insights from the investor, we offer business support to improve the growth potential of the company. We focus on a few crucial areas:

  1. Financial management (financial planning, reporting, systems)
  2. Marketing (market segmentation, targeting and positioning)
  3. Business strategy (develop and implement a shared strategy, based on the OGSM method)
  4. Operations (capacity analysis and implementing operational improvements)
  5. Organisation/HR (improve the competences of the team and organisation for future business growth)

For you as an investor, our involvement will increase the chances of a successful growth in the company and thus decrease the potential risk of default.

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Post-investment monitoring

Regularly, investors request for our local Ugandan team to remain involved once the investment is made. Therefore we offer periodical monitoring services, whereby we design a dashboard together with the entrepreneur and the investors and do a regular follow up meeting with the entrepreneur at the premises. We then discuss the periodical results (kpi’s) with the entrepreneur to gain a better insight and if required, do some additional verification for the investor. So we provide some extra local investor support on the ground.