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BiD Network offers informal and institutional investors investable businesses. What is unique about us? BiD Network insists on showing both the strengths and challenges of the entrepreneurs we work with. Our team of experienced investors and entrepreneurs offers a unique form of investor engagement opportunities.

BiD Network offers two types of investable businesses, namely businesses that receive Business Development Support Light (BDS Light) and those that receive Business Development Support (BDS). The businesses are in different stages and have different investment needs, but have one common denominator: They are high-potential and all have a positive impact on their communities, be it via job creation or a product or service that makes life better or easier. BiD Network’s portfolio businesses are active in various sectors and require investments between USD 10,000 and USD 500,000. Our main focus is on businesses in the clean energy, water and agriculture & food sectors. The entrepreneurs we work with are active in Rwanda and Uganda.

BiD Network offers, next to exposure to the businesses that have been prescreened,  the opportunity to be engaged throughout the BDS program whereby you will gain insight into the challenges of the business and get to know the entrepreneur. Contact us for a quote.

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Investor matchmaking

Are you interested in financing an emerging market SME? Our experienced and dedicated matchmaking team offers personalized matchmaking services between entrepreneurs and investors. We can provide investors with a portfolio of finance ready businesses in emerging markets, tailored to investors’ personal interests and preferences. We adapt our services to your needs, whether you’re looking for access to high potential investment opportunities or more guidance in realizing the investment. Investors are treated discretely, and are only introduced to propositions that meet their preferences.

Matchmaking activities

Our investor meet-ups offer the perfect opportunity to mingle with other investors and to see pitches of promising emerging market entrepreneurs.

Additionally, we organize occasional investor trips to our focus countries, which provide investors the chance to meet high potential entrepreneurs in person and visit their businesses.

Investor training: Ready2Invest

BiD Network offers an extensive training package for investors, composed together with business angels that draw from their own experiences. Our Ready2Invest training prepares (informal) investors to finance SMEs in emerging markets. Ready2Invest is also available as a modular training package to train business service providers in supporting investors to finance SMEs in emerging markets. The training includes different modules, such as an introduction to angel investing, as well as in-depth training on the pre-deal and post-deal investment process.


In addition, the Ready2Invest training package includes a module for (new) investors that aspire to set up a business angel network in their own country. Over the years, we have facilitated the start of business angel networks in Peru, Kenya, Liberia and Kosovo among other countries. The unique characteristic of this training is that it is provided together with skilled angel investors that have experience with setting up their own business angel network.

Ready2Invest is also available as a modular training package to train business service providers in supporting investors to finance SMEs in emerging markets.