Business Growth Support

Prepare your organization to attract investment

Business Growth Support


Growing your business means more than just a financial injection. All aspects of the company need to be ready for investment and growth. For example, you need to have the good team, optimized operations, a good value proposition for your customer, and the financials in order. If your company is not ready for growth, while receiving an investment, chances of actual long term increase in turnover and profit are limited.  Therefore, this support is sometimes also requested by the investor.

BiD Network can support you in growing your business in the long term, even after the investment, when we found the right investor for you. We work with experienced expert coaches and sector specialists.

We can support in the following areas:

  • Financial management (e.g. financial planning, reporting, systems)
  • Marketing (market segmentation, targeting and positioning)
  • Business strategy (develop and implement a shared strategy, based on the OGSM method)
  • Operations (capacity analysis and implementing operational improvements)
  • Organization/HR (improve the competences of the team and organization for future business growth)

We have a three step methodology:

  1. Analysis (create insight in situation, challenges and opportunities and do (self-)assessments)
  2. Implementation (actively guiding the team with hands-on support on implementation)
  3. Monitoring (coaching the team to secure sustainable improvement and proper implementation)

Benefits for the business:

  • A tailor-made, one-on one improvement trajectory with emphasis on implementation.
  • Focused on achieving actual results with your team.
  • Sharing of tools, templates and techniques to continue the improvement process independently.
  • Evidence-based didactic approach to optimally involve you as an entrepreneur in the improvement process.
  • Involving the investor in the business growth process.
  • Combining the expertise of both an expert coach and a sector specialist.

”BiD Network has been of vital importance in fine-tuning my company’s strategy. Finding investment was just a bonus.”

Alan Rwakatungu

Intel World International