Our Business Development Support Light (BDS Light) targets businesses that are looking for an investment but that do not require extensive business development support.


This could be because an early stage business only needs a limited amount of seed funding or because it is already a mature company that is investment-ready.

As part of BDS Light service, we help the businesses prepare the documentation that is required by our investors.

The ultimate goal is to realise more matches via better prepared businesses.

What we offer

As part of BDS Light service, we provide you with templates for the documentation that is required by our investors, such as an investor deck, an investment plan and an investor pitch. We review the financials and provide you with a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will help you prepare for a discussion with potential investors. Once you have filled out the documents, we will review them and provide feedback. We ensure a minimum of three meetings with potential investors. 


How we work

Once your documentation is up-to-standard, your profile will be featured on our website and in our email newsletter. Additionally, our investor matchmakers will contact investors on a personal basis to discuss your investment opportunity.

Our BDS team

To offer the best possible Business Development Support, we have engaged a special team of investors, entrepreneurs, finance and marketing experts. While each one of them brings in their unique expertise and experience, they share the experience of successfully taking businesses to the next level.

Davis Baasha

Davis Baasha has 15 years’ experience in Financial Management, Audit, Strategic and Business planning with reputable firms KPMG Cayman Islands, PWC Belgium, Deloitte East Africa. Davis is a Certified Business Coach and over the last four years he has worked closely with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and prepare them for Investment.

Martijn Blom

Freshly graduated, Martijn Blom proved his entrepreneurial talent by tenfolding staff, turnover and profit at a staffing company. He has invested in emerging markets while co-founding a network for business angels in the Netherlands. Currently, Martijn is fund manager for Hivos Mideast Creatives Fund and holds positions relating to social entrepreneurship and impact investments.

Gert van Veldhuisen

Gert van Veldhuisen is a driven serial entrepreneur and committed impact investor. After his first successful exit in 2008, he became an angel investor, re-investing part of his profit in impact businesses in Asia and Africa.  Gert likes to build high-growth businesses in a team of likeminded, ambitious entrepreneurs.

Marens Beckers

After a finance and marketing career at Unilever, Marens Beckers lived in different African countries, using her marketing and business skills to accelerate growth of impact businesses, notably in renewable energy. She co-developed one of the most successful solar light campaigns in Tanzania and helped grow a network of solar-kiosks in Madagascar from 2 to over 100.

Selection criteria

Based on the profiles and requirements of our investors, we maintain strict selection criteria for our Business Development Support. In our selection process we focus on your business’ potential for scale, the management capacity of the entrepreneurial team and your potential social economic/ environmental impact.

Are you interested in Business Development support, then check the full list of criteria below:

  • Annual turnover of minimum USD 60,000
  • Legally registered
  • Scalable business model
  • Committed entrepreneurial team that is open for feedback and change


Fee structure

The fee for our Business Development Support is a combination of a lump-sum and a commission on the investment that you receive. The commission equals 3% of the investment amount. Please contact us to learn more about the pricing details.