Entrepreneur services

Investment preparation and matchmaking

Finding the best investor for you

Finding the right investment is crucial to the future of your business and it is not just the result of a simple online search. It is very time consuming and can be very difficult or even frustrating. You need to think about many questions, such as: “What is the best investment for me, in my situation (sector, region, company stage, etc.). What do I need the money for, when do I need it and how much do I really need? Do I require debt, or equity or a hybrid form and what are the options?” If you have these answers, who would then be the best suitable investor for your case? How can you find them, what information do you need to prepare and how do you get their attention and convince them that you are an interesting investment?

Since the establishment of BiD Network in 2007 we have built up long-term relationships with more than 200 investors worldwide.  These investors can be high net worth individuals, venture capital funds or even institutional investment funds. We know their criteria and what type of entrepreneurs they are looking for to invest in.  In the last decade we have contributed to over 32M USD of investments for more than 230 companies.

We only work with a selected group of entrepreneurs:

  • Minimum 100,000 USD annual turnover
  • Strong entrepreneurial team
  • Scalable businessmodel
  • Social impact
  • Proof-of-market

If you are admitted to our portfolio, we will guide you in making your investment decisions, preparing the right documentation and consequently directly introduce you to the best suitable investors, based on your specific needs.

We follow a standardized process for our matchmaking:

1. Selection phase

  • We require audited financial accounts of the last 2 years.
  • We will visit your premises and conduct an Investable Growth Scan in which we assess your ‘investment readiness’.

2. Investment preparation phase

  • If we think that you are (almost) investment ready, we sign a matchmaking contract with you.
  • After signing the contract, we will jointly develop an Investment Package that is needed for the investors.
  • We will start approaching a selected group of our most suitable investors.

3. Matchmaking phase

  • When the investment package is ready, we will jointly start to personally discuss your proposition with the investors that have shown interest.
  • We support you in the process from first meeting to a potential deal.

Winning the BiD Challenge in 2007 provided me with the capital to start and grow my company Samasource. Today, Samasource has provided work for over 6,000 people living in poverty and transformed more than 26,000 lives in underdeveloped regions around the world. Leila Janah

Founder and CEO, Samasource