Support, advise and make a difference

Since 2005, over 1500 coaches have supported BiD Network entrepreneurs and advised them on their businesses plans. As a coach, you can make a difference for an emerging market entrepreneur.

Become a coach

Do you have experience with writing or reviewing business plans, finance, marketing, management or any other business related topic? Have you done business yourself in emerging markets or are you keen on getting to know these realties and exchanging knowledge and expertise? Many entrepreneurs in our network can use your advice regarding their business, trying to make a difference by improving their business plan or surviving their first years of existence.

If you have business experience and about 20 hours of your time to support an entrepreneur, we encourage you to become part of our coaching network: get in contact with us by sending us a request to join our BiD Network Qualified Coaches group on LinkedIn so we can find and offer you an interesting match based on your profile and expertise, while keeping you up to date of interesting news and activities!

Become a coaching partner

Does your company have many skilled professionals who are willing to volunteer and give their advice to hundreds of emerging market entrepreneurs in our network? Learn more and contact We currently have coaching partnerships with EY.


If you have any questions or want to learn more about our Coaching Program and the benefits for your company, contact us at: or call +31 (0)20 7555 001.