Vermi-Comp Ltd

Protecting Soil and Sustaining Food Security

Name business: Vermi-Comp

Entrepreneur: Muvunyi Dieudonne

Sector: Agriculture

Country: Rwanda

Finance need: 60,410 USD

Year of establishment: 2014

After each completed their masters in Biotechnology in India, Muvunyi Diudonne and his team decided to bring the technology of vermicomposting to their homeland of Rwanda. Vermi-Comp uses the process to break down organic materials through the use of various worms to create “worm castings”, which is a nutrient rich organic substance ready to be added to soil. Using this new technology, Vermi-Comp is far ahead of its local competitors that still use traditional methods. If the investment need is met, all proceeds will go to fixed assets in the form of equipment to increase total production and profitability.

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