Business in Agriculture

Name business: UGASOY

Entrepreneur: Cissy Kityo Mutuluuza

Sector: Agriculture

Country: Uganda

Finance needed: USD 972,019

UGASOY is a new business unit established by JOMA Investments, a poultry business managed by Cissy Kityo.  UGASOY processes soybeans to provide quality and affordable soya proteins in soybean meals, soya protein concentrate and soybean oil (as a byproduct). The products are sold to feed processors, poultry farmers and the food industry through supply chain contracts and a network of agents. A total amount of USD 972,019 is needed for assets and working capital to start operations. Assets needed include machinery for soybean processing, oil refinery, vehicles, generator, office and furniture and hardware. Land and buildings worth $210,000 are already available but need to be modified. Working capital required for the first phase will mainly be for transport and installing equipment, purchase of soybeans, paying salaries and other operational costs. The business is expected to make a net profit from the first months onwards.

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