Business in energy

Name business: Tekutangije

Entrepreneur: Isidore Nzeyimana

Sector: Energy

Country: Rwanda

Finance need: 100,000 USD

Tekutangije is an innovative business in sustainable clean cookstoves. This innovative cookstove can be used on both a small and a larger scale and is being sold to households and schools. Tekutangije’s cookstove distinguishes from their competitors’ because of its price/quality ratio.

Tekutangije currently has 10 full-time employees, 20 employees upon request and a large number of piece-workers. Among these piece-workers are (ex)prisoners, who are given a job opportunity in return for a small loan. To set up the business, Isidore has already received a loan from the Rwanda Development Bank. Tekutangije is currently looking for an equity investment.

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