Crisps Manufacturing

Sector: Agriculture & Food

Country: Uganda

Finance need: USD 35k

Year of establishment: 2013


Manufacturing crisps with a lot of room for growth

Product, market solution and potential     

This potato manufacturer processes potato crisps from Irish potatoes. The company found an interesting market niche between the locally produced, unbranded crisps and imported crisps, such as Lays and Pringles. There is an opportunity to increase sales by the introduction of new flavours and new pack formats. There are also plans to enter the export market. The company has a modern production facility that can process 800kg of crisps per day. However, due to limited supply, the company is currently only producing at not even 50% of its capacity. To overcome this, the company has recently engaged in a partnership with a NGO to increase the supply of farmers. It is expected that more supply will become available from September onwards.

Entrepreneur & team

The founder and owner of the company owns a masters degree in Business Administration and is responsible for the financial aspects of the business. The operations manager, who received training in the Netherlands in food security and quality management, is in charge of daily operations. In its start-up phase the company received support through an incubator program, which has resulted in a good quality product. Currently 7 people are employed.

Investment need

The company looks to attract an amount of USD 35k as working capital to purchase packaging foil and purchase new supply from the farmers.


At this moment the company works with 200 farmers that are organized in two farmer groups. The company collaborates with the government and NGO’s to increase the quantity and quality of supply. The farmers are paid a surplus compared to regular market prices.

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