Business in agriculture & food processing

Name business: Shekina

Entrepreneur: Pierre Damien Mbatezimana

Sector: Agriculture & food processing

Country: Rwanda

Finance need: 100,000 USD

Shekina produces dried food products and is a pioneer in producing dried cassava leaves, through using its own patented drying technology. Shekina is currently making large strides at integrating the entire value chain of cassava farming, processing, packaging and exporting in Rwanda. This process will be completed within the next six months and then the company is looking to replicate this model into different sectors and countries in the region. In order to support that, a large capital raise will be done. On the short term however the company is looking for 100,000 USD in order to support its roll out of a new innovative product, called instant cassava leaves. Market demand has already been established and this capital will support the production of the product and roll out at a faster pace. Shekina currently exports their products to the United States, Canada and Europe. The raw products from Shekina come from Female co-operatives. Damiem is looking into helping these women to become their own businesses. This is why Shekina is also part of the SPRING competition.

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