Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)

Business in Health Education & Products

Name business: Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)

Entrepreneur: Elisabeth Sharp

Sector: Health education & products

Country: Rwanda


As 18% of the women in Rwanda miss out on over 50 days of school or work due to a lack of menstrual pads, SHE decided it was time for a change. SHE is a social for-profit entity in Rwanda that produces affordable menstrual pads while at the same time providing health education and advocacy for girls and women.

Elisabeth Sharp and her team use a US patented production process to transform fibres from banana trees into the “fluff” needed for menstrual pads. SHE already has two commitments that will purchase their products in bulk; one of which is the UNHCR asking more than 6,000 packs per month. To accomplish this, Elisabeth Sharp and her team would need to increase production which currently stands at 3,000 pads per month. To meet the demand, SHE needs to purchase more machines to create an extra 150 pads per day per machine.

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