Responsible Suppliers (U) Ltd

Business in agriculture & agro-processing

Name business: Responsible Suppliers (U) Ltd

Entrepreneur: Muhammed Sekatawa

Sector: Agriculture & Agro-processing

Country: Uganda

Finance need: 350,000 USD

Year started: 2012

Responsible Suppliers (U) Ltd. produces and sells Diner’s Aromatic Rice, Diner’s High Quality Rice, milling services, rice flour, starch and rice bran. Their clients consist of urban dwellers, middle class people, merchandise traders and institutions such as schools and the government, including armed forces. Responsible Suppliers currently uses an external service provider for milling, which is restricting the business’ operations. To expand its capacity in response to increasing demand, Responsible Suppliers wants to build a factory and warehouse for finished products and raw materials, as well as purchase machinery and trucks. They are looking for a total investment of USD 350,000.

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