Providing last mile distribution and servicing solutions for solar products

Sector: Solar Energy

Year of establishment: 2010

Turnover: USD 50,000 – 150,000

Investment need: USD 141,000

Product, market solution and potential

The company was established in 2010 and aims to solve the problem of accessibility and affordability of solar systems in rural areas. The Company recruits and trains to sell, install, maintain and repair solar products/installations in rural Uganda.

The company aims to scale across Uganda and East Africa for the next 3-4 years as a for-profit entity with NGOs and other impact-oriented partners. Uganda can support up to 600 shops across all rural districts by end of 2018. The company hopes to have over 100 shops and have sold/repaired 100,000 solar products while impacting 500,000 people.

Entrepreneur and Team

The company was co-founded by two talented and awarded entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in solar, sales and marketing.

Turnover and Investment need

The company has a turnover of USD 50,000-USD 150,000 and is looking for an investment need between USD 141,000 as working capital to finance their expansion plans which include 100 new shops and franchises, 100,000 products sold, installed or repaired, training of 1,000 youth as technicians and affordable financing options for the base of the period that may not be in position to pay for products in cash.


  1. The company trains youth between the ages of 19-30 within the communities so they can gain technical expertise and be able to install, maintain, and repair solar products.
  2. The company provides pay go enabled products and partnerships with SACCOs to those that can’t afford one off payments.
  3. Breaks down gender barriers by encouraging and training girls/women as solar product technicians.

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