To be the No. 1 Quality Retail Pharmacy in Uganda by Superior service Knowledge and accessibility to the widest range of products

Sector: Healthcare

Year of establishment: 2008

Investment need: 550,000 USD   

Company description

  • The Company was established in 2008 by a Uganda Pharmacist and his wife to fulfill the market gap related to providing affordable, quality care and medicines to middle income consumers.
  • The Company currently has 8 pharmacy outlets in Kampala ; 90% of current turnover is related to walk-in clients who pay cash, the remaining 10% relates to (1) clients who are insured and (2) wholesale sales to hospitals and NGO’s.
  • The Company cleverly targets middle income consumers who look for affordable, quality healthcare. 

Investment Opportunity

The proposed investment is related to 5 opportunities, namely:

  1. Setting up a wholesale division
  2. Expansion of the number of branches
  3. Launch of an ERP-system
  4. Grow the volume and turnover of existing branches
  5. Re-financing of current loan

Entrepreneurial Team

The company founder holds a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, and an MBA in Financial Management, and had extensive working experience in marketing and supply chain management, prior to setting up The Company. Also, he successfully launched one of the dominant drug importers and distributors. He has built a competent management team with all required expertise in Operations & HR-management, procurement and finance.

Social impact

  • The business has strong social impact by ensuring the availability of quality drugs and healthcare at affordable prices.
  • The company currently employs 50 full time staff, but also offers internship and training opportunities to university students.
  • The company also engages in social activities, e.g. they organize medical camps in partnership with large hospitals, donate drugs that would otherwise expire and are now looking to set up (free) screening for diseases such as diabetes etc.