Medical and hazardous waste disposal

Sector: Waste disposal

Year of establishment: 2009      

Turnover 2015: 450,000 USD

Investment need: 380,000 USD

Product, Market Solution
The waste disposal company was started in 2009, The Company was disposing medical and hazardous waste and farm waste of about 400 tons, as it grew it concentrated more on disposing medical waste of big hospitals, they offer cleaning services to hospitals, consultancy for a big company involved in oil drilling and supply clients with composite machines imported from china. The company has an advantage of having an incinerator which disposes 130 kg of waste for 24 hours day and night shifts instead of having to travel outside the city to dispose the waste. The company has exhausted all the major hospitals in Kampala and is targeting working in Mukono and Masaka district because of the market potential there that has not been tapped into yet.

Entrepreneur and team
The company is owned by an Entrepreneur who has a background in Law and Business development she owns 100% shares of the company and she does the business development of the company, she is assist by an assistant business development officer, finance administrator, client relations person, two account managers, process minders, drivers and a team that supervises the waste collection.

Turnover and investment need
Turnover in 2015 was 450,000 USD, the company needs an investment of 380,000 USD to buy an auto clave which would increase on the tons of waste and make the disposal process much faster and to purchase a new truck to increase the number of collection routes.

The company has had a positive impact on society;
Before medical and hazardous waste was being dumped in swamps which would lead to environmental pollution, this has been managed by disposing of the waste properly.

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