Leading inclusive avocado farm with a diversified product and services portfolio

Sector: Agriculture

Year of establishment: 2011

Investment need: 150,000 USD   

Company description

  • The company was established in 2011, is an organically certified agricultural farm growing avocados, mangos, jackfruit and herbs on 1064 acres of land.
  • The majority of their fruits, +/- 75%, are grown on their own farm; the remaining 25% is purchased via outgrowers. In total, the company works with 365 farmers.
  • Currently, avocados are sold to local consumers on the nearby Victoria Islands, exported to Kenya and sold via traders to the Middle East.
  • Currently, the company processes on a small scale avocado seeds into herbal tea & medication which is sold to local customers.
  • Recently, the farm launched an agri-tourism program, as there is a growing interest under the elite for agri- tourism and education. Mainly, children and agri-students can do farm trails and learn how to farm.

Investment Opportunity

The company is looking to purchase machinery for the processing of its avocado seeds. The investment need equals 150.000 USD and includes machinery to (1) crush the seed, (2) sundry the seed and (3) turn it into powder and process herbs for sale.

Entrepreneurial Team

A couple are the founders and owners of this large farm. They studied health and agricultural economics and started the farm in 2001 and grew it over the years.

Social impact

  • Avocados are a healthy addition to the monotonous diets of Ugandans.
  • The agri-tourism teaches urban elite how to grow multiple crops on a small farm. Not mono- cropping but diversity, generating revenues and food security.
  • The company employs 60 people, from which 35% youth and 25% women.
  • The company impacts a total of 356 out- and ingrower farmers.