Integrated commercial grains processing, animal feed and poultry farm by innovative operations

Sector: Agriculture

Year of establishment: 2012

Investment need: 560,000 USD 

Company Description

  • The Company was established in 2012 as a commercial poultry farm specialising in the production of table eggs, maize and commercial feeds.
  • In 2013 and 2014 the company ran successfully on deep litter, reaching 85-90% of chicken laying eggs, instead market average of 70%.
  • The company is looking to move into a cage system to house more chicken and increase production and have a more efficient operations.
  • The company has halted production as it installs mechanised system of farming and pre-ordered equipment for installation of 3 silos, a dryer and feed processing machine.
  • The company showed turnover growth from $ 89.000 in 2013 to $ 363.000 in 2015 in the same period, profit margin grew from -24% to 41%.

Investment Opportunity
The company needs an investment to expand and mechanize the farm. The company identifies 3 main sources of revenue: sales of eggs, production and sales of high quality dried maize and poultry feed.   

Entrepreneur and Team
The company is family owned and has managed to keep the core team of its workers onboard even when they halted production to install machinery.


  • Eggs are the cheapest source of protein to a developing nation like Uganda, diversifying one-sided diets.
  • The farm employs numerous people and trains them in farm practices.
  • Quality dried maize and feeds allow other poultry farmers to run a profitable poultry business.