Business in Fish Processing

Sector: Agriculture and Food

Country: Uganda

Finance need: USD 150k

Turnover 2015: USD 150k-300k

Year of establishment: 2012



Creating value through high quality fish products

Product, market solution and potential

This fish processor was founded in 2012 to create value for fish farmers in Uganda. The company obtains fish from 2000 farmers. Starting with filleted and frozen fish, the company launched a wide range of branded products, such as smoked fish, sausages, samosas and powder. The demand for these fish products is rapidly increasing. By processing the fish into high quality products, longer shelf life and higher margins are established. This company produces zero waste as they sell the (filleting) waste as pet food. All parts of the fish are used for either food or feed.

Entrepreneur & team
The female entrepreneur has shown an impressive growth track building the company from scratch. She is open to recruit a strong management team to move the company to the next level.

Turnover & investment need

In 2015 the company had a turnover in the category of USD150k-300k and is expected to continue its growth pace and even increase their margins. The company has shown sound profitability and has financed its own growth.

The company is searching for an investment of approximately USD150k to purchase assets (e.g. a distribution van), increasing cold storage facilities and to attract good quality staff.

Four years after its foundation, the company sources from and hence provides increased income for 2000 farmers in the region. Besides that, the entrepreneur also provides training to the farmers on improving feeding and breeding of the fish.





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