Business in agriculture

Name business: Essex

Entrepreneur: Honore Basazababo

Sector: Agriculture

Country: Rwanda

Finance need: 20,000 USD

Essex is a start-up company in Rwanda that has developed an agriculture embedded system at an affordable costs for small holder farmers, both individuals and cooperatives. Essex’s mission is to create a local chicken industry. Basazababo and his team have created a service product which enables farmers to receive updates on their egg incubator via their mobile phones.

Essex recently developed an egg incubator prototype for the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources to prove that the concept would provide positive results. Essex is enthusiastic that this positive test will entice the ministry of Agriculture to provide an endorsement for the company.

Essex believes that its primary focus group will be village cooperatives. They will focus on this target market  by allowing them to start a poultry farm at affordable costs. To achieve this, Essex will provide these local village cooperatives with a starter kit, called “Poultry Farmers’ Kit”, which enables them to engage in the poultry business. Through this kit, poultry products will be more available within the Rwandan market.

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