Leading egg producer in Eastern Uganda through innovative methods

Sector: Agriculture

Year of establishment: 2007

Turnover 2015: 200,000 USD

Investment need: 150,000 USD   

Product, market and potential
The Company was established in 2007 with only 500 birds, the farm has grown its operations to over 17,000 birds mainly layers for egg production, the farm currently produces over 250 trays of eggs daily. In 2011, the Company diversified with a piggery unit currently housing 300 pigs and also offers capacity building training for youth and farmers in collaboration with AVSI an International NGO.

The eggs are mainly sold in Eastern Uganda due to the high demand with some exports to Kenya while the piglets are sold locally to farmers for rearing and the mature pigs sold in the local markets for slaughter. The growth in the poultry subsector in the country has not been able to match the growing demand for the poultry products especially for local breeds both domestically and in the regional markets.

Entrepreneur and Team
The farm was established by a civil engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience in poultry farming. Currently the farm employs 20 permanent staff and over 30 casual laborers.

Investment need
The company seeks an investment of 150,000 USD. It intends to expand its business operations and invest in more poultry houses, increased number of layers so as to increase production from 250 to 500 trays of eggs daily. This will be achieved by increasing the current number of layers on the farm from 17,000 to 27,000. The growth in the eggs production will require capital investment in construction of two chicken structures to house the extra 10,000 birds, procurement of 10,000 one-day old chicks and working capital for chicken feeds, farm implements and operational expenses.

The Company in collaboration with AVSI provides training to farmers and youth in commercial farming/entrepreneurship. It also employs over twenty full time staff and over twenty five part time staff.