Providing low income Ugandan households with cost-saving, safe and eco-friendly energy solutions

Sector: Clean Energy

Year of establishment: 2012 (incorporated in 2013)

Turnover 2016: 740, 000 USD (2015: 370,000 USD)

Investment need: 350,000 USD

Product, Market Solution
The company started its activities in 2012 producing briquettes and selling stoves purchased from a local manufacturer but with an overall vision of providing energy saving solutions. In 2013 the Company started producing their own energy efficient cook stoves.The briquettes are cheaper than traditional charcoal and burn longer allowing the users to make a saving of 20-40% of energy costs.

The briquettes are fully made out of waste, for each kilogram of briquettes, 4.6 kg of waste is recycled. The energy-efficient stoves that allow the user to save up to 40% of the money usually spent on charcoal. They have also recently started selling small amounts of solar lamps and water filters, both relevant to reduce pollution and enable money savings.

Entrepreneur and team
The Company founder holds Master’s degrees in engineering, philosophy and economics and is currently pursuing doctoral studies on social entrepreneurship in Africa and is supported by a team of over 100 staff with a mix of local and expatriate staff.

Turnover and investment need
The Company’s turnover grew from $370,000 to $740,000 between 2015 and 2016. The Company is looking for financing to further scale-up through optimization of its production and distribution processes. The Company is looking to set up competent R&D team by hiring and training staff, increasing it’s distribution network by recruiting and training about 30 new micro-entrepreneurs per year .

The company contributes to a cleaner and safer environment: and has always exclusively leveraged local human and material resources all along its value chain and provided 112,855 USD of incomes to the 300 employees and value chain actors, directly training to 430 beneficiaries.

The Company also carries out awareness campaigns on environmental issues and also provides trainings on topics such as micro-enterprise management, briquettes production and mud wood stove construction, for which it sells equipment and machinery.

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