Easy access to safe drinking water in unserved urban and peri-urban communities by establishing a network of water ATM filtration units.

Sector: Wash

Year of establishment: 2008

Investment need: 150,000 USD   

Company description

  • The Company was established in 2008 to provide clean and affordable drinking water to low income earners.
  • The company uses water from the National Water Grid, which is then filtered/purified and sold in 5 – and 20 – litre jerry cans.
  • The company does direct deliveries to grocery stores, supermarkets and the institutional market. Secondly, it sells through 6 franchise – managed water kiosks, which work with a network of commission-based agents that sell water door-to-door.
  • The Company received a matching grant from Connect to Grow and UKAid of US$50,00 and contributed another US$50,000 for a market survey, to provide in-depth insight in potential consumer purchase barriers and drivers and subsequently to pilot 5 water ATMs, the pilot results of which will become available before the end of the year.

Investment opportunity

The Company is looking to invest in the local production and exploitation of water ATMs. Whereas the water kiosks serve households via a door-to-door delivery model, water ATMs target consumers who are on-the-move.


The Company founder has over five years’ experience in the Industry and currently employs thirteen members of staff.

Social impact

Access to clean water is a major issue for large sections of Uganda’s population with deaths from preventable diseases caused by water- and sanitation-related deficiencies, the Company provides clean, hygienic, at an affordable prices for the base of the pyramid.