Dried Fruit

Sector: Agriculture & Food

Country: Uganda

Finance need: USD 105k

Turnover 2015: USD 200k-300k

Year of establishment: 2000

Organically grown dried fruit for exportation

Product, market solution and potential

This agro-processing company, founded in 2000, processes organically grown fruit to export it as dried fruit. The company started off with pineapple, but has recently diversified its portfolio with mango, jackfruit and apple banana. The majority of production is sold to a single Japanese client that is interested to purchase more. However, due to limited production capacity, the company currently cannot fulfill that demand.


The company is owned by three shareholders that all own 17% of the company. The operations manager has a broad working experience as an agronomist for the World Bank in Tanzania. They currently employ 14 people.

Turnover & investment need

Turnover in 2015 was in the category of USD 200k-300k. The company looks for an investment of USD 105k to increase its production capacity and respond to the growing demand of its Japanese client. At the same time, the company is looking to diversify its customer base, expecting to sign LoI’s with potential clients in Dubai and Hong Kong. The company is open to discuss debt and equity.


The company sources its pineapples from over 1,200 farmers that are organized in 55 associations, which are based on an island in Lake Victoria. Previously, these farmers struggled for market share due to lack of storage facilities and limited shelf life. By sourcing the pineapples, the company provides a steady source of income to these farmers. The company has also provided training to ensure that the fruits are organically grown and traceable.

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