Dried fruit and pasteurized fruit juice company

Sector: Agro-processing

Year of establishment: 1994          

Turnover: 100,000 USD – 150,000 USD

Investment need: 450,000 USD

Product, market solution and potential

The company was incorporated in 2008, it was the first company to pasteurize juice in Uganda, and in 2015 the company become organically certified and is now supplying organically dried fruit to the USA. The company makes banana juice, orange juice, pineapple juice and a tropical fruit punch and for the dried fruit the company makes pineapple, jackfruit, papaya and banana and they plan to do mango as well. The biggest demand is in dried fruit which takes up 75% and juice 25%. The Company currently has more market demand than current capacity allows and is looking to increase its capacity by 18-36MT dried fruit per month.

Entrepreneur and Team

The company is family owned with 70% shares with an American investor who has 30% shares; they are assisted by a manufacturing engineer, a food scientist in charge of processing and a certified accountant with an MBI and 23 other employees.

Turnover and Investment need

The turnover in 2015 was between 100,000 USD – 150,000 USD and the company received a matching grant of 225,000 USD. They currently seek another 225,000 USD matching investment to build a 300sqm dried fruit processing facility, purchase new hybrid dryers and train, register and inspect up to 500 farmers in organic standards.


The company has the following positive impacts;

  1. The company has trained and works with over 165 farmers in producing organically certified fruits.
  2. The Company is a member of the organic and fair trade protocol and pays above the market price to the farmers they work with
  3. The Company employs over 30 staff


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